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OUR PROGRAMS: Project SHARE Heating Fund

In 1982, New York State Electric & Gas Corporation (NYSEG) founded a fuel fund named Project SHARE. Project SHARE was initially designed to help elderly or disabled persons with heating emergencies. Recently the program has expanded eligibility to include military veterans and active service members. In 1984 Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation (RG&E) created the Heating Fund to help customers who didn't qualify for government assistance (such as HEAP). The Heating Fund offered heating customers one-time emergency financial assistance if they had a shut off notice.

In 2013, the two programs were combined to form the Project SHARE Heating Fund serving NYSEG and RG&E customers with heating emergencies. Contributions from employees, retirees and customers fund the Project SHARE Heating Fund. HeartShare administers the program and determines eligibility for assistance. HeartShare has established intake agencies throughout NYSEG and RG&E's service areas to accept applications.

For a listing of intake agencies for the Project SHARE Heating Fund, please call toll-free 844-579-5555.

Questions about the Project SHARE Heating Fund:

For more information, please call HeartShare's
Energy Assistance and Community Development Department:

1-800-599-HEART (4327)
Weekdays, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm