HeartShare assists individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities and provides vital services to children and families.

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OUR PROGRAMS: Foster Care and Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions

How does HeartShare's foster care program work?

As a foster parent, you would provide a temporary home to a child who cannot remain with his or her biological parents. There is no typical foster parent—some are single parents, some are stay-at-home parents, and others are full-time working parents. Whichever your situation, you must be willing and able to provide daily care to your foster child. As part of our team, you would be working to ensure the well being of the child. The challenges of foster parenting are great, however, the rewards are even greater.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, you need to contact our Home Finding Office at (718) 422-4337. After an initial telephone screening, you will be invited to attend an orientation meeting. Here you will learn more about HeartShare and receive the necessary application forms. A state required training and home-study will take place after the applications are completed. The process takes 4 to 6 months to complete.

How does HeartShare's adoption program work?

Adoption is the most precious gift you can give to a child who cannot return to his parents. When it is determined that a child cannot return to his or her biological parents, HeartShare begins searching for adoptive parents to raise the child. Many times, the foster parents develop such a bond with the child that they become the adoptive parents. Our case managers will be with you from your first call through adoption day. You can bring hope, happiness, and a permanent home to a child or sibling group.

Who is eligible for HeartShare's foster care and adoption programs?

All kinds of people are eligible to become foster parents, including you. Whether you're old or young (at least 21 years old), married or single, you may be eligible to become a foster or adoptive parent. You must have your own income and a home large enough for a child that is free from health and safety hazards. All adults in the house are subject to a criminal background check.

What is the cost for HeartShare's foster care and adoption programs?

HeartShare's services, as well as any court or legal fees, are provided at no cost to you. Furthermore, for taking on this incredible job, you will receive a monthly stipend to assist in the daily care of your foster child. The child's medical expenses are covered by Medicaid.

Why are children in foster care?

Children enter the foster care system for many reasons. The one thing these children have in common is that their parents are unable to care for them. Most children return home to their natural parents, but in some cases, that is not possible. Then, adoption by the foster care parents or another family is the goal.

Does HeartShare have children with special needs?

Many of the children in our care have special needs. Some children have been born drug-addicted or suffer from low birth-weight, have delayed mental and physical development, have physical disabilities, or are HIV+. Additionally, we are in need of foster parents willing to care for teenage mothers and their babies, and sibling groups.

Does HeartShare provide support to foster and adoptive parents?

Whether you are building a new family or adding to an existing one, our team of experienced caseworkers will give you all the support, encouragement, and guidance you need as you welcome a child into your home. We will assist you through the transition period, as well as remain a resource for years to come.

How are HeartShare's programs funded?

HeartShare's Foster Care and Adoption Services are funded by the New York City Administration for Children's Services and the generous support of our donors.

How can I support HeartShare's Foster Care and Adoption programs?

To make a donation to HeartShare's Foster Care and Adoption programs, visit our Donate page.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent or a pre-adoptive foster parent, please contact HeartShare at (718) 422-4337 or email info@heartshare.org.

My license will expire soon. Where can I find a list of recertification training sessions offered by HeartShare?

HeartShare provides ongoing training programs, and access to external trainings, for current foster parents who need to renew their foster parent license. The next 1-day training sessions are as follows:

Dates Currently Pending

To attend, you must register. For more information please contact Bianca Jarbath, Foster Parent Support Advocate, at 718-422-4270.

ACS Foster Parent Support & Recruitment Trainings

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