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A Letter to Our Outstanding Employees

October 25, 2016


Each year, HeartShare and its Family of Services honors a select group of Outstanding Employees at its Annual Employee Recognition Dinner. Here is a letter from our President and CEO to those distinguished individuals:

Dear Colleagues,

Our line of work requires a certain kind of person. Someone who is compassionate and resourceful. Someone who possesses grit. This person also goes above and beyond what their job description asks. Not for themselves. Not for money. For others. For our over 36,000 children, adults and families.

Some of us shine brighter than others and that is why out of thousands of employees you are here today. As President and CEO, I am proud to see how employees throughout our agency – from DD and foster care to administration—work together towards our one mission.

This select group has done just that.

You have proven yourself time and time again that serving others is what drives you. You possess a sense of responsibility to others. You have good judgment and integrity. And I am proud to call you my colleagues.

We have 15 Outstanding Employees this year, including:

Patricia Kirk, who has shown her dedication at Lavin Day Hab, especially in gracefully handling an overwhelming number of daily inquiries.

Sherry Brumel, who has led Bensonhurst Preventive Services through all of its changes and has been an advocate for children and families since 1990. She is a returning Outstanding Employee!

Loretta Barone, who has worked at the First Step Pre-School in Brooklyn for 16 years and has never wavered in her commitment to the children—sometimes jumping in to take on more classes when teachers were not available.

Africa Staples, who has grown professionally during her time at HeartShare and in the process, led Quality Assurance to meet the industry’s rigorous regulatory demands.

Jaleel Johnson, an aspiring middle school teacher, who serves as a role model to our youngest minds in our youth programs.

Andy Moeller, who has strengthened the HeartShare brand by transforming how we represent ourselves visually in publications and photography.

Talia Moncion, who has taken initiative in furthering the safety of those in our care and demonstrated leadership in making those decisions when management was not available.

Lynda Sica, who has worked with our individuals to offer them a sense of empowerment and pride, including beautiful fashion shows at Union Turnpike Day Hab.

Edward Diaz, who always offers a helping hand at our First Step Pre-School in Brooklyn, including keeping facilities safe and assisting education programs relocate.

Ivan Medrano, who constantly is pushing to make the world a better place for our children, whether its speaking up at a rally or building a sense of community at Kiwanis First Step.

Kasheena White, who leapt quickly from direct care to management due to her enthusiasm and desire to create a better life for those she serves.

Leslie Fray, who builds up others with her sunny attitude and desire to help her Fiscal colleagues. She also is a dedicated Public Affairs volunteer.

Kirtney Caesar, who has worked tirelessly for almost 13 years maintaining countless HeartShare facilities and getting to know those in our programs in the process.

Robert Springer, who started with little experience in social work or foster care, but has proved himself a highly valuable member of the team in Homefinding.

Gwen Alston, who has spent a decade bonding with and helping children and families overcome moments of personal crisis through Community Follow-up and Preventive Services.

Congratulations to you all and thank you for your hard work.

It has not gone unnoticed.

With gratitude,

Bill Guarinello

President and CEO

HeartShare Human Services