Individual Support Services

HeartShare empowers people with disabilities to set and achieve personally meaningful life goals.

Helping people with special needs lead the life they want

HeartShare collaborates with adults with special needs, and those close to them, to ensure that they are receiving the services that enable them to lead the life they want. Our program participants are not passive recipients of support services, but take the lead in choosing services to build confidence and independence.

Medicaid Service Coordination

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by crafting and implementing a person-centered Individualized Service Plan (ISP) that reflects their unique needs, desires and goals. HeartShare Medicaid Service Coordinators ensure that the plan is dynamic, adapting to the program participant’s personal growth and changing interests. In order to achieve this, service coordinators focus on person-centered planning by meeting with individuals face-to-face, and visit their homes to discuss service needs. These visits are valuable opportunities for the coordinator and program participant to build their relationship. Working in partnership with the individual and the family, service coordinators follow-up on recommendations and referrals designed to promote independent living skills and maximize choices. For more information, please call (718) 422-3336. HeartShare also offers case management for those who do not have Medicaid. This is available to Brooklyn residents only. For more information, please call (718) 422-3341.

Self-Directed Services

Self-directed services means that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are responsible for making decisions regarding the services that they receive through person-centered planning. Person-centered planning puts the individual at the center of the planning process. The individual chooses how certain services will help them set and achieve personally meaningful goals. Through self-directed planning, an individual pursues goals that help achieve personal fulfillment. Unlike goals meeting basic needs, these goals serve as a source of empowerment and personal growth. In the past, service coordination did not necessarily consider the unique wants and desires of the person receiving the services. Without this customization, it is difficult to validate or measure how services actually enhance quality of life. HeartShare developed a tool called Help Empower the Realization of Outcomes which are Individually Created (HEROIC). HEROIC offers guidelines on how a Medicaid Service Coordination team supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities set and measure personally-meaningful goals. Throughout this process, the voice of the person receiving services or his/her trusted advocate is paramount. The tool also offers guidelines on collecting data that measures the valued outcome, or what the person hopes to achieve through the pursuit of the goal.

Developmental Disabilities Services

“It is our job to make sure that people with disabilities are aware of and can access resources that help them lead fulfilling lives.”