The HeartShare School

The HeartShare School cultivates academic excellence and encourages development without limitations for children and teens with autism.

School for Children with Special Needs

Opened in 2007, The HeartShare School utilizes various teaching methodologies to maximize the learning potential of each student. Both Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), with 1:1 discrete trial instruction, and the TEACCH approach are used within a self-contained, structured classroom setting. The HeartShare School utilizes the New York City Common Core Curriculum and academic goals are modified to meet each child’s individual needs. The school’s annual science fair and career day are among the many activities that enrich the academic curriculum. The HeartShare School classrooms have computers and iPads with specialized learning apps appropriate to each student’s academic and development level.

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The HeartShare School also offers speech, occupational and physical therapies as needed. Art and music classes are held three times per week. Individual music and art sessions are available based on student interest. The student choir and rock band, which perform at the school’s annual talent show and other events, is dynamic and encourages self-expression. Believing that fitness and recreation are an important part of each child’s day, students attend physical education class daily. The HeartShare School has both an indoor gymnasium and an outside accessible playground with swings and a basketball court, as well as accomodates organized sports, including tennis, soccer and badminton.

The HeartShare School

1825 Bath Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214
(718) 621-1614


Developmental Disabilities Services

“Each child comes in with their unique set of skills. If we can help them take those skills and move them towards a more independent life, we’ve done our job.”