Our Identity

The HeartShare identity is built upon over 100 years of compassion, professionalism and strength.

Logos for HeartShare and its Family of Services

Below are the logos available for HeartShare and its Family of Services. In January 2016, the agency resumed use of the original HeartShare logo, which has a clean, straightforward design that external communities respond well to. There have been no changes to affiliate logos. For stationary, no logo should be formatted larger than 2 inches in width. Be sure to resize the logo proportionately by adjusting size using the lower right hand corner of the image.

Downloadable assets:


HeartShare Colors

HeartShare Blue

Pantone 301 C
C:100 / M:51 / Y:0 / K:34
R:0 / G:75 / B:135

HeartShare Orange

Pantone 179 C
C:0 / M:73 / Y:78 / K:12
R:224 / G:60 / B:49

HeartShare Yellow

Pantone 123
C:0 / M:24 / Y:94 / K:0
R:255 / G:196 / B:37