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HeartShare Outstanding Employee Honorees 2023

November 1, 2023

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HeartShare Outstanding Employee Honorees 2023

By Lily Robinson – 

Leading with dedication and kindness. Please join us in giving a big hand to our 2023 HeartShare Outstanding Employee Honorees! We’re proud to shine a light on their contributions and hard work here at HeartShare and HSVS – thank you for all you do for our community!

Hear from their fellow colleagues what makes our honorees so outstanding:

Cheryl Motley: Senior Direct Support Professional, Lavin Day Hab

“Cheryl’s initiative to be helpful and reliable is inspiring!”

Chiyere Barbor: Program Coordinator, Lavin Day Hab

“Chiyere will always be the one to count on when the individuals need a smile, a hello, or some comforting!”

Chyung-Fen Kao: Clinical Coordinator of OT & PT, Kiwanis

“Fen is innovative, inspiring, diligent, and devoted to HeartShare!”

Denise Wortham: Program Specialist, Energy

“Denise’s welcoming spirit brightens the office daily and is something we all look forward to.”

Donna Hakim: Director of Health & Wellness, Care Coordination

“She exemplifies the term ‘effective leadership’ and is a moving force and catalyst for creating change.”

Kasheena White: Residence Manager, Buckley

“Kasheena is the ultimate advocate for catering to the residence’ and building a comfortable home for all.”

Marcia Jordan Worrell: Youth Counselor, CCRS St. Albans

“She can always be relied on to instill self-confidence and promote growth in our clients.”

Maria Tuitt: Senior Enrollment Eligibility Specialist, DD Admin

“Maria will often visit an individual in a nursing home or hospital on her own time while handling almost 1,000 cases.”

Melinda Sanchez: Accounts Payable Clerk, Fiscal

“Her willingness to consistently assist those around her, is a true testament to her kindness.”

Nicole Butts: Certified Medial Assistant, Article 291

“Nicole has a calm and composed demeanor that helps her navigate through challenging situations.”

Rachel Kramer: Special Education Teacher, The Heartshare School

“Rachel’s kindness and creativity are infectious and have created a warm and welcoming space in her classroom.”

Samantha Rodriguez: Placement Specialist, Foster Boarding Home

”Samantha has put an enormous amount of dedication and concern into the many placements she has made over the past six years.”

Shanti Sprott: Medical Support Professional, Caruana I

“Her empathy bleeds into her work with not only her clients but also her coworkers.”

Toni Gray: Sr. Direct Support Professional, East 102nd St

“Toni is passionate about the care and service she provides to each of her clients and will put their needs above all else in the moment.