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Jecory Jackson on "Putting People First"

September 21, 2016

In The Media

HeartShare has launched a Core Competencies campaign to raise awareness and to reinforce the seven value-based goals required of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). For September, HeartShare is highlighting Direct Support Professional Jecory Jackson for the core competency area, “Putting People First.” Eight years ago, Jecory started his HeartShare career at Brooklyn Day Habilitation Program. Recently, Jecory has worked as an overnight DSP at Giannattasio Residence, which means he spends Wednesday through Friday evenings at the program. Jecory is someone that the residents, including Michael L., looks forward to seeing. Michael and Jecory enjoy music together. To explore Michael’s interests and to get to know him better, Jecory and Michael discussed different kinds of music that they don’t ordinarily listen to, like country. The two also teamed up for some shopping. “Michael has great taste in music, but also a great sense of style,” said Jecory. Sometimes, Jecory comes by on his own time to hang out. Jecory has even hosted a couple of weekend outings, including Michael’s birthday celebration in July. Jecory insists that he’s just being himself. “If they’re happy, I’m happy,” shared Jecory. This is just one employee who has demonstrated “Putting People First.”
What does “Putting People First” mean?
During his time at Brooklyn Day Hab, Jecory also demonstrated the core competency of “Putting People First.”

  1. Supporting A Person’s Unique Capacities, Personality, and Potential

Jecory greeted all individuals as they came off the bus in the morning, which demonstrated care and respect.

  1. Getting To Know the Person Through Assessment/Discovery

Jecory learned that individuals wanted to go on more trips in the community. He established a “Breakfast Club,” where individuals honed their cooking skills, bought an affordable lunch and raised funds for future outings.

  1. Promoting Advocacy with the Individual

Jecory encouraged his individuals to express their needs and wants. In creating the day’s agenda, for example, Jecory checked in to see what they wanted to do.

  1. Facilitating Personal Growth and Development

Jecory took time to find out what each individual needed. For example, some individuals expressed themselves better than others. Jecory took time to reach each unique individual.

  1. Facilitation of Supports and Services

Jecory always listened to program participants to make sure their service plans reflected the interests and goals that they expressed.