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Quintin Thrives in Forever Home

December 9, 2016

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“He’s my baby. Like any parent, I take all the blessings and the challenges.” -Brenda, Foster and Adoptive Mother

Quintin is an energetic, sweet two year old boy, who loves toy cars and exploring the playground. Brenda has known Quintin for most of his young life. “Three days after he was born, Quintin was in my arms,” recalled Brenda. It was a challenging journey, but Brenda did what any mother would – work tirelessly to make sure that her son was healthy and happy. “Quintin will always be in a home where he is loved,” said Brenda, who fostered and adopted Quintin. Early on, Quintin was in and out of the hospital, but now, he’s stronger and growing every day. Brenda couldn’t have done it without the HSVS team. “HSVS is like a family. The team goes above and beyond what their jobs require of them,” Brenda said. “Nikisha Steele and John Olufemi were there for me every step of the way and the parent trainings are filled with foster parents who know the ups and downs,” Brenda explained. When asked if she would do things different­ly, Brenda said she would do it all over again. “He’s my baby. Like any parent, I take all the blessings and the challenges,” said Brenda.

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