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Music Therapist Brings Joy and Confidence to Special Needs Pre-Schoolers

September 7, 2016

In The Media

For pre-schoolers, a strong educational foundation is crucial, especially for children with special needs. That’s why at each of our four pre-schools, we have a rigorous curriculum complemented by speech, physical and occupational therapies.

And then, there’s music therapy, where our pre-schoolers sing and dance in a safe, creative space. “At that age, music is still a part of their world. It gives them the confidence to achieve anything,” explained Music Therapist Christine Nasol.

It’s not just confidence that our children are gaining. Music therapy is a voice for children who are non-verbal. It’s fine-tuning motor coordination for children with autism. It’s learning new words for children having difficulties with speech. “Music is in all of us,” Christine said with a smile.

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