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Everyday Hero Spotlight: Wendy Ellerbee

June 8, 2017

Community, Disability Rights

Hello, my name is Wendy Ellerbee, and I’ve been proudly employed at HeartShare since August 2015. I was assigned to the Abatemarco Residence in Brooklyn, where I met an inspiring individual, Daniel.

Although I am extremely honored to be selected as an Everyday Hero, I personally feel that the Everyday Heroes are really Daniel and the entire community of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Daniel is brave, good-hearted, and takes on everyday challenges without hesitation.

Daniel is a very bright, caring and expressive individual. He is often concerned with other people’s well being, and he often asks, “How are you today…?” Or “I was worried because I didn’t see you yesterday…”

One of Daniel’s favorite things to do is to go shopping over the weekend for his favorite food, snacks, or personal items. His lovable and caring personality has not gone unnoticed as he has become very popular in the community with his neighbors and all the store employees. He remembers everyone’s name and the stores to which they work.

At HeartShare’s Abatemarco Residence, Daniel loves and often insists on helping with chores. Daniel’s favorite room in the house is now the kitchen as he has found a love for cooking. At first, Daniel would only set the dining room table. However, his growing interest and love for cooking has taken him to new heights, as he now prepares various meats and vegetables for each meal with extreme pride, joy, and success!

Daniel is absolutely a pleasure to work with.

Daniel’s joy has resulted in the other residents at Abatemarco desiring to excel in the kitchen, as well. Daniel has proven that he is a natural born leader, as well as an Everyday Hero.

Thank you.